Series3 - Further connection types

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Tri-Clamp Connectors 3C
Two flange-like connector pieces are to be pressed against each other and fasten together using the stainless steel locking clip. Equiped with connectors for flexible tube, pipe or with male thread.
Diaphragm pressure gauge 3D
Especially for measuring pressure in neutral and aggressive media we have developed the diaphragm pressure gauge with manometer. To protect the manometer from the corrosive affects of the medium, a diaphragm made of PTFE-TFM 1700 hermetically seals the manometer from the medium.
Connection principle 3E
For direct fastening to existing fittings with DIN 8063 male threads. Equiped with connectors for flexible tube, pipe or with male thread.
Fittings 3F
Series 3F contains Nipples, unions, reducers and flanges in various designs, types and sizes.
Glass thread adaptors 3G
Connectors of Series 1 or 2 which can be screwed onto a laboratory type glass cylinder with GL thread.
Quick connectors 3K
For easy coupling and uncoupling connections. Connection options for Series 1
Luer-Lock adaptors 3L
For connecting to Luer-Lock thread. Connection options for Series 1A, 1C and 2M.
Pump head connectors 3P
The thread manufactured without seam, in accordance with DIN. USAS or JIS guarantees the connector will be easy to use, as it is absolutely leak-proof and can be undone at any time.
Barb connectors 3T
Flexible tube connections.
Welding adaptors 3W
For fixed connections e.g. in production engineering. They are equally suitable for use in edge-to-edge and socket welding process.