Series5 - Valves

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Shut-off valves 5A
By screwing the spindle the media flow is reliably shut-off.
Single-hand operated valve 5H
For easyly taking samples using flexible tubes.
Regulation valves 5L
For regulating gas and liquid flow. For panel mounting.
Regulation valves 5A
For regulating gas and liquid flow. In block form with mounting wholes.
Fine control valves
For regulation of even the smallest flow rate with high precision.
Check valves 5R
For preventing media from flowing back into a system, or to protect devices against blow back.
Pressure keeping valves 5D
To remove overpressure produced during operating or for system-related reasons.
Pressure reducing valves 5D
To reduce rystem pressures to largely constant working pressure.
Safety valves 5A
For protecting the control air system against media flow back on leaks.
Venting valves 5A
For venting harmless gases, for drawing off aggressive media or for special drainage on manifolds.
Transmitter valves 5A
Special valve blocks for providing the safe connection of system pipes to differential pressure transducers (transmitters).
Diaphragm valves 5P
Pneumatically controlled valve particularly suitable for usage in plant and process circuits for interrupting or diverting the media, e.g. on a pressure drop.